Frequently Asked Questions

What are my sea freight charges based on?

Sea freight charges are dependent on the volumetric dimensions of goods.

Are my airfreight charges based on the actual weight of the cargo only?

No. If the dimensions of the cargo exceed the weight of the goods, then the charges are adjusted accordingly.

How much does order pick up cost?

This varies across countries and it’s dependent on the location and distance from the ports/airports.

What taxes do I have to pay when importing a car to Cyprus?

If the car is being imported from the European Union, then taxes are according to the car’s emissions (CO2), cc, make and year of the car. The lower the emissions of pollutants of a vehicle, the lower the consumption tax. If the car is being imported from anywhere outside the E.U., there is an extra 10% tax for Import Duty.

Do I have to pay anything abroad?

Payments are made to G. Lemesios Clearing Agency Ltd regardless of the country of origin/destination.

What if my flat is not on the ground floor? Will there be additional charges?

This will depend on whether there is a lift present in the building. If not, you may incur additional charges if a significant amount of extra time is needed to load/unload the vehicle. This may vary across countries depending on our collaborators.




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